Seasons – Lent & Easter

Mothering Sunday

It can be quite a challenge to produce a service for Mothering Sunday, which falls mid-way through Lent. In this document you will find an order of service, suggested prayers, reflections and activities and a letter of invitation that you may adapt to your own situation.

Download mothering sunday.pdf

These are  rewritten versions of the accompanying bible stories

Download stories for MotheringSunday.pdf

Oxfam are suggesting we use mothers day as a opportunity to raise (political) awareness about maternal health. The aim is to lobby to encourage politicians to ensure we meet Millennium Development Goal 5 to reduce the maternal mortality rate by three-quarters between 1990 and 2015. The suggestion is that the children send a mothers day card to make sure they know how important the health of newborn babies and their mothers around the world is.
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Praying with Pretzels

pretzels1smallThis activity is a variation on the bread making prayer in the Prayer toolkit and explores pretzel making as a prayerful activity during Lent. Pretzels are originally Lent food – not the little ones that we buy as snacks from the supermarket, but big soft breads in the same shape.

Download praying with pretzels.pdf

Wilderness God

Going into the wilderness, desert or wild place is a theme often visited in Lent. Here are some prayers around that theme that could be used by individuals or groups.

Download wilderness god.pdf

Lenten Reflections

There are two documents here. The first is a selection of 3 reflections for use in Lent.

Download lenten reflections.pdf

The second is a large collection of reflections and prayers for Lent, offered by the Silence and Retreats Group – a veritable gold-mine of useful materials.

Download Lenten Reflections SRCollection.pdf

Lent and Easter Prayer Stations

Communion bread and wineHere are some prayer stations which can be used during Lent or the run up to Easter. They might also be useful for those doing the 24/7 prayer event in Holy Week.

Download Lent Easter prayer stations.pdf

Lent and Easter Meals

This material offers a plan for five meals to share during Lent. You might want to use these meals as a time of preparation on the run up to the 24/7 prayer initiative in Holy Week

Download Lent meals.pdf

Download Lent Meals booklet version.pdf

Counting the cost

Counting the Cost, an exciting new Lenten resource from Commitment for Life

Download Do something positive this Lent.pdf or link directly to the Commitment for life site below

Holy Week Prayers

This material provides some prayers and meditation that can be used by individuals or groups during Holy Week. The week is divided into two to cover the first and last half of Holy Week.

Download Holy Week prayers a – first half.pdf

Download Holy Week prayers b – second half.pdf

Worst Week

Some bible and prayer material to help you to reflect on the beginning of Holy Week. We know that at the end of this week we will have cause for celebration – but we also know that our celebration will be empty and just about meaningless unless we first walk with Jesus through the fear and the betrayal and the pain of Holy Week.

Download worst week.pdf

Easter Day

A reflection for Easter Day for use by individuals or groups.

Download Easter Day.pdf

Resurrection Sketch

To provide reflection on the story of the Resurrection for an all-age service for Easter

Download resurrection sketch.pdf

A friend who walks our way

To explore our understanding of mission in light of the Emmaus story and to examine how we can respond to this in prayer.

Download a friend who walks our way.pdf