Exploring Evangelism Audio Files

Click the links below to download the audio files of the Exploring Evangelism booklet. The files are sessions of the booklet and the largest file size is around 17 Mb. You should only attempt to download with a broadband connection. We are sorry but we are unable to supply these files other than from this website in MP3 download format.

Pages 1-8 – Cover, contents & Introduction Download URC – Exploring Evangelism001.mp3
Pages 9-16 Session 1 – Getting started Download URC – Exploring Evangelism002.mp3
Pages 17-24 Session 2 – Making relationships Download URC – Exploring Evangelism003.mp3
Pages 25-29 Session 3 – Following Jesus Download URC – Exploring Evangelism004.mp3
Pages 31-40 Session 4 – Making a commitment Download URC – Exploring Evangelism005.mp3
Pages 41-48 Session 5 – Getting on with it Download URC – Exploring Evangelism006.mp3