Extra Kennings

Here are some other Kenning contributions from churches who have sampled the Kennings and Cookies Dessert.

From Robert Weston at Park URC, Reading – a result from their lent study group

Feeding of the 5000:

crowd gatherer
Jesus follower
need spotter
boy bringer
fish sharer
bread provider
thanks giver
food multiplier
lunch distributor
hillside sitters
basket fillers
grass litterer
orator listener
people pleaser

Kennings and Cookies: Vision for Life Day March 28th

People gathered from four of our churches to share together in exploring the Bible with Revd Janet Lees. Janet led us to focus on the Bible we carry around inside us, our “Remembered Bible.”  After lunch we gathered in three groups to explore what we could remember together of the stories of the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep.  Janet introduced us to the idea of “kennings” which are expressions from Old English.  A kenning is a word pair which names something in a roundabout way in terms of what it does; for example you might call a teaspoon a “coffee stirrer”, a hammer a “nail hitter” or a ship a “wave rider” and so on.  We had great fun exploring our chosen parable by re-telling it with kennings.  First we had to make a list of single words related to the story, then we tried to pair them up or add a new word to make the kennings, and finally put the kennings into an order which told the story well.  The whole enterprise was made even more enjoyable by the plates of fairly traded cookies which aided our thinking-caps.  This is what the three groups of cookie eaters and kenning writers came up with.
Martin Smith – Revidge fold URC – 09.04.09

Good Samaritan

Jericho goer
road user
rock throwers
wound creator
blood spillers
pain giver
fear feeler
levite leaver
priest passer
hill climber
Samaritan helper
thirst quencher
bandage wrapper
life saver
pain reliever
worry reliever
donkey rider
inn provider
generous rescuer
money giver
inn keeper carer
thankful receiver

Prodigal Son

money demander
money grabber
home leaver
party goer
promiscuous womaniser
money waster
heavy drinker
lonesome loser
pigsty dweller
pig food eater
street sleeper
street liver
regret realiser
home returner
welcoming father
forgiving father
jealous brother
angry brother
calf eater
reassuring father
family restorer
missing mother

The Lost Sheep

thoughtless bleater
sheepfold deserter
wilderness wanderer
shepherd carer
safety leaver
99 retainer
compassionate seeker
lost survivor
frightened escaper
excited finder
thankful wanderer
sheep rescuer
happy saviour
shoulder bearer
loving redeemer
flock restorer
restoring pastor
Jesus gatherer
angelic rejoicers